Sunday, September 25, 2005

The War. The Explanation.

I'm tired of reading the many sophisticated analyses of the U.S. mis-handling of Iraq. (To de-sarcasm-ize that sentence, replace "sophisticated" with "knee-jerk".)

The more intricate the analysis is, the more detached from reality it seems. I guess that makes sense, since if you have no first-hand experience with a subject, but you try to argue with those who do, your ignorance is immediately exposed. So you reflexively camouflage your ignorance with rhetoric.

Here is the simple truth about the fighting in Iraq:
  1. Having been removed from the lucrative position of international legitimacy, the previous official rulers of Iraq, and their friends, are fighting the new official rulers of Iraq.
  2. The people of Iraq are mostly spectators of the fighting, harboring both sides, not knowing who will come out on top, not knowing who to trust. So they take the smart option, which is to protect your family, keep your head down, and don't invite trouble.
  3. America has provided an incentive for the average Iraqi to care about who wins. America has brought the beginning of democracy.
That's the bottom line. Democracy in the Middle East. And that's a horrible thing for many people to contemplate.


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